This Week In WTF 12/20/2019

Pop Culture Uncovered

So…what are YOU doing this weekend?

It’s been a few weeks since I posted. Not due to a lack of WTF-ery, only because too much life got in the way. I have returned, however, with some morsels with which to gird your metaphorical loins as you prepare to see the family members you *have* to see this time of year. Here’s hoping this will help. Now, without further ado…

I Want A Fucking Car Right Fucking Now

Black Panther Starbucks

Squirrel Christmas Tree

One Of The Most Idiotic Things Anyone Has Ever Said

Carlin 7 Dirty Words

H Jon Benjamin Arby's

How Much For Just One Rib

Spongebob Patrick Smells Good

I will end my article with my gift to you. For those of…

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