This Week In WTF 7/12/2019

This Week In WTF 7/5/2019

This Week In WTF 6/28/2019

This Week In WTF 6/14/2019

A recap of the most insane stories of the week!

Pop Culture Uncovered

Apologies, dear readers, for not giving you some WTF last week. The WTF hit me back and I had to go into hiding until it got bored. But I have returned, so let’s get into all the news to get you ready for the weekend…

Airplane It's A TwisterAnd rain makes applesauce.

This would go great with some Rocky Mountain Oysters

Oprah Winfrey Bees

If he has a cooking segment with the Rock this show will go from great to glorious. Plus, this announcement gives me a chance to share one of my all time favorite videos.

Hey Justin:

Here's That Attention You Ordered

I can’t believe it took a Canadian to make me root for Tom Cruise again.

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This Week In WTF 5/31/19

@ArrPeeBee list all the crazy this week!

Pop Culture Uncovered

Everywhere you turn these days it’s just one incredibly depressing or infuriating news story after another. That’s no way to start your weekend, so here is a collection of some of the weirdest news of the week:

Make America (Natural) Gas Again? Okay, sure. Freedom fries/toast is so 2003…

American Flag & Shotgun

I know where I’m taking my wife for our next anniversary. Now I need her to get her April O’Neil cosplay outfit.

(FYI – do not Google Image Search “April O’Neil Cosplay” at work without the safe search filter on unless you want to not have a job anymore.)

Bugs Florida.gif

I wish Igloo had refused to recall these because honestly we could stand to thin the herd a little bit.

50 Cent has a little competition.


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