Drop Three is Tripping Balls Y’all!

D3@CC March 14, 2015

D3@CC, March 14, 2015 at 8 PM!
Tickets are just $10.00
Purchase here:

It’s been a long, cold winter and Drop Three is ready to bust out of hibernation, so hop on your narwhal and come out to Collectors Corner MD, Parkville on Saturday March 14th at 8 PM when we kick off spring the only way we know how: with fresh sketch and improv comedy guaranteed to melt the permafrost that’s growing between your toes.


Tickets are just $10, and can be purchased online, via email at d3improv@gmail.com, by phone at 410-382-3870 or in person at Collectors Corner MD! All proceeds go towards buying us some cheap bourbon to get us through the next few months until summer!

Drop Three Sketch and Improv @ Collector’s Corner! Children’s Day, September 28, 2014

In Drop Three‘s continued efforts to both educate and amuse we’re collecting stories from children about how to fight the ‘monster’ diabetes, and as part of our Collector’s Corner show we’ll be performing them on Sunday, September 28, 2014 @ 4 PM.

Now we need your help! Please pass this along to all the children in your lives! All children who submit will receive two free tickets, one for them and one for a parent/guardian.

All stories need to be submitted by Thursday, September 25, 2014, either in person at Collector’s Corner, via email to d3improv@gmail.com or online at http://dropthree.com.

The show will be held at Collector’s Corner MD, 4 PM at the Parkville location.

Thank you!

We’ll see you there!

Drop Three and Collector's Corner!

Step Out and Laugh @ Collector’s Corner Parkville!