In Memoriam: Mo Gaba

RIP Moe. You will forever inspire us. #MoStrong

Pop Culture Uncovered

I never had the honor of meeting Mosilla “Mo” Gaba. The vast majority of Baltimore sports fans never met him. But we knew him and we loved him. We met him on the radio, calling into one of the local sports talk stations. I first heard him on the Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn midday show on 105.7 The Fan. Mo was a breath of fresh air in a sea of armchair coaches and general managers. He was all giggles, infectious energy, and predictions for blowout Orioles and Ravens victories. You couldn’t help but be drawn to him. It wasn’t until you heard him for a while that you learned why he was able to call the radio shows so often.

Mo had been battling cancer since he was 9 months old. Early in his fight he lost his sight. Due to his repeated illness he was home from…

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