This Week In WTF 9/21/2019

Pop Culture Uncovered

It’s a day late (blame my computer, which was being a real jerk) but hopefully you will find a chuckle or two to go along with your weekend adventures…

Wakanda Music Do You Like

Shit's On Fire Yo

I Can Ride A Bike Again

Homer Drug Mule

That's A Bold Strategy Cotton

We Both Know Where This Ends Supernatural

Your Scientists Were So Preoccupied

Has Anyone Seen Kyle

I Got Your Hot Beef Injection Right Here

Yeah, it’s time for me to go now. If you see anything WTF-worthy remember to leave me a comment here or find me on Twitter at @arrpeebee – if you need to find me I will be at the end of the bar, trying to drink the memory of this week out of my head.

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