This Week In WTF 6/14/2019

A recap of the most insane stories of the week!

Pop Culture Uncovered

Apologies, dear readers, for not giving you some WTF last week. The WTF hit me back and I had to go into hiding until it got bored. But I have returned, so let’s get into all the news to get you ready for the weekend…

Airplane It's A TwisterAnd rain makes applesauce.

This would go great with some Rocky Mountain Oysters

Oprah Winfrey Bees

If he has a cooking segment with the Rock this show will go from great to glorious. Plus, this announcement gives me a chance to share one of my all time favorite videos.

Hey Justin:

Here's That Attention You Ordered

I can’t believe it took a Canadian to make me root for Tom Cruise again.

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