24: Legacy Wrap Up

Ron reviews 24:Legacy and finds it lives up to the original.

Pop Culture Uncovered

There was a lot to like about 24: Legacy to go along with some things that I would like to see them work on should the series continue. Now that I’ve had a little time to digest the series and some of the nuances (yes, this version of 24 had nuance. I’m just as shocked as you are) it’s time to dig in and figure out how I feel about it all. And so…

I really liked how they got around the “events occur in real time” and calling the show “24” while only having 12 episodes. Making the last episode a wrap up loose ends catchall with a “12 Hours Later…” note allows the show to skip through some of the tedium that dragged down episodes of the original series. I’d like to see if they maybe made it 16 or 18 episodes where they skip an hour or…

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