I Said Boo…urns

A look back from Ron at The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror!

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Ranking anything to do with the Simpsons is a daunting task, not only because of how beloved the show is but also because of the insanely rich catalog of material. Plus, it’s not like I’m trying to rank the non-Simpsons characters by level of awesomeness because that’s easy. It’s:

1) Groundskeeper Willie

2-sideways 8) everyone else in who cares what order you put them in

Instead, since they just aired Treehouse of Horror XXVII last night (and since you can watch all the Treehouses of Horror HERE)I thought I’d rank the top 20 ToH segments by the very unscientific metric of “which ones I like the most”. So…


1) Citizen Kang

This has moved to the top of my list because in all honesty if Kang & Kodos were running for President right now I’d give either one even odds of winning outright. Added bonus: THIS (go ahead throw…

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