Cutting The Cord Diaries – Practical Magic?

Belle and Ron and life after cable….

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Removal of DirecTV Dish and Cables


Once Ron was done trolling Leslie I had to put up the Clearstream Antenna which was remarkably easy. The biggest issue was keeping our five ‘helpers’ (aka the various dogs and cats we’ve accumulated) out of the way as I removed all the DirecTV hardware and the cables. It’s here that things got interesting as we realized we literally had cables in our house that were connected to nothing. Apparently every time we got an upgrade over the last 8 years, DirecTV never removed all the old cabling. And the cables are everywhere: the garage, the boiler  room, through to the third floor of our house. It’s ridiculous and frustrating, especially as DirecTV isn’t coming to get their dish or cables so I have to take those down as well.

Looks like I’ll be buying spray foam insulation and a brickwork repair…

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