Flipping The Birds

Let’s talk about them O’s!


Don’t worry, this post will be safe for work…

The Orioles have officially played 1/3 of the regular season and they have surprisedprettymucheverypundit (and if you are honest more than a few of the fans) by being at or near the top of the standings in the AL East since Game 1. Right now Dan Duquette is probably looking for pieces to add but it is quite possible that could change as we head into the dog days of summer, especially if the starting pitching cannot get back on track.

Bunny Fezzik This is how we spend “our” days. And most other days too…

The O’s showed a commitment to keeping their contention window open by re-signing Chris Davis & Darren O’Day, but they have more work to do. Namely, signing Manny Machado long-term and getting some starting pitching. Machado is a transcendent talent, a once-in-a-generation talent. He…

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