Major League Indigestion

@arrpeebee covers what you SHOULDN’T eat at the ballpark!

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It’s Opening Day, also known as the only day that baseball fans in Miami or San Diego can say they are in first place (at least until they play). For those of us that love baseball this is one of the greatest days of the year. For those who are not big baseball fans however there needs to be something to look forward to other than insanely overpriced beer and grotesquely oversized fans, and what is better than bat shit crazy ballpark food? Here’s some of the best that MLB ballparks are offering new for 2016:


This is Houston’s Sweet Potato Chicken Waffle Sandwich. Looks good, but it’s grilled chicken, Greek yogurt, and I see fresh tomato and spinach. I expect more from my ballpark food, especially from Houston, which is synonymous with big fat people eating slow smoked brisket. Your ballpark is named after cheap instant lemonade mix for…

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