Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Premier Recap

Check out our own @belleburr’s recap of #SleepyHollow!

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Sleepy Hollow Fox Sleepy Hollow

Season 3

I, Witness


Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Lyndie Greenwood, Nikki Reed and Shannyn Sossamon

Last year Sleepy Hollow ended strong after weeks of meandering with pointless side plots involving characters we didn’t care about (Hawley), characters who were boring (Katrina) and characters who’d outlived their usefulness (Henry). This ended when the show refocused on its core four: Abbie, Ichabod, Jenny and Irving.

Going into season three the news that we’d lost one of those four was upsetting to say the least. This combined with lackluster promotion, I almost missed that the show was even coming back, move this season to make or break territory for fans and the network.

So, let’s dive in and see if the magic is back.

We begin with Headless riding through the forest where he encounters Shannyn Sossamon being creepy. Meanwhile, Abbie’s got a new haircut and partner, C. Thomas Howell

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