28 Days of Black Comedy: Richard Pryor Week

Hey, everyone. We’re going to do something a little different for Black History Month. Usually, we pick a different comedian every day. This month, we’re going to pick one comedian each week and take a deeper dive into their work. This week we’re celebrating Richard Pryor.

Honestly, we could do an entire month with just Richard Pryor and we’d still only be scratching the surface of the material available. It isn’t hyperbole to say that Pryor is one of the most influential comedians we’ve ever had grace the genre.

Today is one of the most famous moments in Saturday Night Live history. There are conflicting reports as to who wrote this sketch. Chevy Chase claims he wrote it, Paul Mooney says it was his work after Pryor made having Mooney as a writer the week he hosted one of the conditions of his appearing on the show. But no matter who wrote it, it is to this day considered one of the greatest and most shocking moments in broadcast television history.