In Memoriam: Fred Willard

D3 Founder Ron talks about one of his comedy heroes #RIP #FredWillard

Pop Culture Uncovered

In my 30+ years in the comedy world I have yet to meet a comedian worth the name who can’t tell you when they first saw Fred Willard on screen. For me it was a double whammy in 1984: Watching Mama’s Family with my parents then sneaking into This Is Spinal Tap after my buddy’s parents bought us tickets to see Ice Pirates. Never has breaking a rule impacted me more.

Fred Willard was a master of awkward comedy. He was so seamless in his performance that sometimes I would re-watch scenes just to see the other actors trying so hard not to break character. When you watch the outtakes you see how often they failed.

In a 50 year career the only “scandal” with him was him going to an adult theater once. He responded by reviewing the film as “lousy”. While I never saw the film in…

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