This Week In WTF: Quarantine Edition 1

This Week In WTF 2/26/2020

Pop Culture Uncovered

It’s Wednesday. Russia is actively f***ing w/our elections AGAIN. The world is still on fire, and for some damn reason there’s like 12 “Real Housewives” shows. We’re just waiting on the chosen one to choose the door to save Zion and restart the simulation, so let’s do it with more evidence that the glitches in the Matrix are getting worse.

Raising Arizona Huggies_2

Killer Croc In Crocs

John Mulaney N-Word

When I Ask My Dog If He Knows He's A Good Boy

Monty Python Cheese Shop

Okay. Back to the grind, but make sure you join us next week for more WTF-ery. And…

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This Week In WTF 1/31/2020

This Week In WTF 1/11/2020

This Week In WTF 12/20/2019

Pop Culture Uncovered

So…what are YOU doing this weekend?

It’s been a few weeks since I posted. Not due to a lack of WTF-ery, only because too much life got in the way. I have returned, however, with some morsels with which to gird your metaphorical loins as you prepare to see the family members you *have* to see this time of year. Here’s hoping this will help. Now, without further ado…

I Want A Fucking Car Right Fucking Now

Black Panther Starbucks

Squirrel Christmas Tree

One Of The Most Idiotic Things Anyone Has Ever Said

Carlin 7 Dirty Words

H Jon Benjamin Arby's

How Much For Just One Rib

Spongebob Patrick Smells Good

I will end my article with my gift to you. For those of…

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This Week In WTF 11/23/2019

Pop Culture Uncovered

The government is on fire and we are less than a week away from being fed under-cooked turkey by that aunt who thinks cooking wine is the box of white zinfandel you drink while cooking so take a moment and realize that there is crap happening that is so much worse.

You Need To Stop Talking Now


I'm Trapped In A Glass Cage Of Emotion

Morticia Sipping Tea

South Park Turkeys Braveheart

Honey Nut Cheeri-nos

I Was Thirsty

Homer Land Of Chocolate

Crab With Knife

To end our journey through hell I will present you with some uplifting stories about dogs, who I like a LOT more than 99% of…

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This Week in WTF 10/18/2019

Pop Culture Uncovered

Welcome to the internet.

Sorry that I missed last week. My personal WTF prevented me from sharing the WTF of the world. But let’s get into this:

2001 Baby

Deer In Curlers

Cobra Chickens

Dude Love

Archer Just The Tip

According To

Pepper Brooks Dodgeball

After that last one I need to take a break so I will leave you now. But I will be back next week for another dose of inanity and stupidity. If you see anything WTF-worthy hit me up in the comments or find me on Twitter as @arrpeebee.

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